The Las Vegas Strip is under quarantine and being attacked by a relentless army of Zombies! You and your M4 automatic rifle must fight off Zombie Nazis, Terrorists and Clowns while they wage war and attack you from all angles! Your shooting skills are the last defense against the blood thirsty Zombies destroying Las Vegas.

Shoot as many zombies as you can before the timer runs out while meeting the required number of kills. For those who think this is going to be a walk in the park, they are definitely in for a huge surprise!

As you move through the challenges, you will encounter stronger zombies that will require some weapon upgrades. Earn points at the end of each round, which can be spent in the Armory to purchase additional ammo, attach a scope, reduce recoil and increase bullet capacity.

Points can also be used for Las Vegas discounts, coupons, and on real weaponry and other merchandise at The Gun Store. Don’t forget to try out the shooting range. You can use your points there too!!!

•       Free to Shoot tons of zombies including Zombie Ammo Pink Mist favorites Uncle Huggs, Hans, Frans, Zombahir and Roxy.
•       Hit them before they hide!
•       20 challenges to hone your targeting skills!
•       Use your points to upgrade your weapons!
•       Points can be used for shooting real machine guns at The Gun Store in Las Vegas, Zombie Ammo T-Shirts and merchandise.

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