ZombieInterViews is a sequence of statements gathered from zombies at the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk. Directed by George Pfau with assistance from Hannah Ireland and Brett Forest, the 8 min. 52 sec. video features forty-one talking zombies.

When zombies talk to zombies, what is left unsaid?

At the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk, the Zombie Interviewers encountered a wide range of talkative zombies. While a few let their appearance do the talking for them, most had answers, declarations, hopes and jokes on the tips of their tongues.

The zombies talked about many things, including:

  • adapting to an ever-changing sense of self.
  • questioning the rules we all choose to (un)live by.
  • striving for recognition and rights.
  • crossing blurry boundaries between parallel universes.
  • attracting swarms of un-costumed selfie photographers with their newfound celebrity status.
  • being misunderstood, stereotyped and discriminated against by survival-supremacists.
  • coming out of the closet/graveyard.
  • making dietary choices and managing bodily urges.
  • organizing to oppose government imposed systems of violence and oppression.
  • falling in love.

When a zombie sees their own image reflected back to them, do they see “zombie?”

ZombieInterViews was filmed in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, a plaza containing a large reflecting pool. While this expansive liquid mirror provides a space for self-recognition, the site as a whole is a significant nexus point between individuals and their community. Nestled between two City Halls, old and new, the square has hosted myriad civic events including political demonstrations, concerts, farmers’ markets, and zombie gatherings.

Many thanks to:

Jerica Roach, Jules Tobin, Bruce McIntosh, Pauline Walsh, Brad Hamilton, Keira Wong, Kylie Hunt, Corey Holdsworth, Scott Watson, Katherine Danielli, Angus Young, Eric Somerville, Erin Mcanany, Julia Viola, Sarah Lake, Olivia Curto, Allison Whalen, Aimé Champagne, Alexander Salgo, Mariah Hoekstra, Denise Ramlal, Cory Brown, Crystal Barry, Suze Tkachuk, Jesse Zunti, Alana Sambey, Sabrina Somersall, Sabrina Wall, Sabina Rock, Kenardo Thompson, JJ Hunt, Zach Coles, John Asselin, Sean McNab, Katelyn Goodyear, Willow David, Amanda Falikowski, Josh Dojcsak, Jacklyn Asselin, Jeremy Von Fright, Paula Von Fright

and to: Hannah Ireland, Brett Forest, Thea Munster, The Toronto Zombie Walk Board of Directors, Committee, and DEADicated Volunteers.

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