Zombie ATX is a MMO party game for iOS/Android that with feature a suite of game modes based in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled universe. You’ll rescue survivors, rebuild civilization, and kill a #$@! load of walking dead.

The Rundown on Zombie ATX:

  • A suite of zombie-themed games that integrate with each other. What you do in one mode will affect others. Choose wisely!
  • Innovative gameplay that takes familiar genres and makes them new again.
  • Cross-platform integration so you can play with iOS & Android friends.
  • Boatloads of new content at unbelievable prices. "Begun the Price War has!"
  • Hyper local ads that connect you with businesses in your area and don’t interrupt gameplay.

The Zombie ATX is raising funds through Kickstarter to speed development and deliver the game in a timely manner. Check out some of the great rewards that will be available ONLY during the crowdfunding campaign:

  • Be immortalized as a zombie or hero.
  • In-game credit for weapons, characters, and power ups.
  • Our founder will consult on your video game project.

The zombie apocalypse needs your help. Please make a pledge before something eats your brain. Thank you!

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