Renowned Zombie expert and survivor of over 5 previous apocalypses, Dr Aislenot B Eton, reveals for the very first time his own personal Zombie-beating strategies and unsurpassed knowledge of the undead menace.
If you are still thinking “guns and head shots” are the key to survival then you are like a lamb to the slaughter!
Unlike other so-called “guides” that are based on imagination or conjecture, “You Can Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” is packed with solid, practical knowledge hard won in up close and personal, face to face experience with the Zombie hordes.

In this new book, Dr Eton EXPLODES the 5 HUGE myths of Zombie apocalypse survival and sets the record straight on how the REALLY make sure you are still alive when the final credits roll!

I wouldn’t be caught undead at the apocalypse without my copy; make sure you have yours too!

Get your copy at

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