Want to ensure the most accurate zombie kills when the sudden but inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us? You’ve got to prepare now! And what better way to hone your zombie slaying skills than with our patented bleeding zombie trainer targets.

Why question if you’ve gotten a kill shot? When you take aim and literally blow the brains out of our bleeding zombie trainer target, the dripping blood and spatter will let you know the threat has been eliminated.

Mounted inside our patented high quality rigid 18" x 24" corrugated targets are four full blood packs for your shooting, crossbowing, knife throwing pleasure.

Simply take aim and let the fun begin! These aren’t just simple paper targets with hokey sketched zombie images or silhouettes. Our images are high resolution full gloss prints of actual made up models in zombie makeup. Our targets look so nice you might just want to hang them up in your man (or woman) cave. No shooting required.

Much in the tradition of popular movies and TV shows, we’ve put real faces to the Apocalyse. Now.. take aim and survive!

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