"A daughter to look out for, friends who want her dead, zombies clawing their way in – Skye (GENEVIEVE GEARHART) must decide if she can fight the infection after being bitten or if she should succumb to her fate."

Hours after a zombie apocalypse breaks out within a small town, Skye quickly realizes her house is the last house standing. Taking five of her closest friends in, Skye and her daughter must barricade themselves in and ride out the storm in order to survive. But when one of the zombies break through and bites Skye, everyone now sees Skye as the threat. With her friends turning against her and more zombies outside clawing their way in, Skye must fight for her daughter’s survival and for her rights to remain in the house before she is brutally murdered by both the friends she was trying to save and the zombies that want to rip her to pieces.

Not only does this zombie film focus on the action, it also gets the opportunity to explore the emotional impact of a parent who gets bitten but has yet to turn. Skye must not only deal with people constantly trying to kill her, she must also deal with her body turning against her. And she must decide what is best for her daughter: to kill herself before she turns into a zombie or to try to fight it even if it seems hopeless. Support this project at www.indiegogo.com/projects/when-the-fever-breaks

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