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Gamers looking for a mobile zombie shooting, survival game can now immerse themselves in the fast paced, fierce environment of Fresh Touch Media’s new app, The Zombie Games. Featuring an array of various deadly zombies, you must collect weapons and items, whilst managing your inventory as you battle for your life within the infested games stadium.
You take the role of Norris Ronson, a lone survivor, who must run around the map unearthing new weapons, ammunition, health packs and batteries (to power your torch when it gets dark). Use the inventory page to manage your items and set primary and secondary weapons.

The twin joysticks offer great control over Norris’ movements as he runs around. Simply alter your thumbs flicking motion to change the throwing distance and hold the right joystick in the direction you wish to aim and fire.

Surrounded by swarms of weight lifters, footballers and even more hideously mutated zombies. Keep Norris alive for longer and the zombies will mutate into more hideous and powerful foes, offering increasing gameplay difficulty.

Feature Highlights:
* Collect items and manage your inventory
* Select your favourite primary and secondary weapons
* Night mode: Use your torch to help spot the zombies at night
* Weapons: pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, cricket bat, shot put, C4, and grenades
* Tactically place explosive barrels
* Dynamic game difficulty increases as you progress
* 5 zombie foes with differing strengths and weaknesses

Device Requirements:
* 3/4Gen iPhone, iPad, or 3/4Gen iPod touch

Get The Zombie Games from iTunes

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