Guess who is enjoying the zombie apocalypse most?…..    Zombie Dog of course!!     Who needs brains when there is a never ending buffet of bones walking by?   Our undead friend doesn’t know many tricks, he hasn’t learned to sit and won’t roll over on command, but one trick he does well is…….. “Play Dead”.

  Zombie Dog is a perfect mixture of creepy and cuddly.  He is decayed enough to fit into any adult zombie lovers collection, yet cute and cuddly enough to delight younger zombie fans.  He may have lost half an ear and one eye, but he still has a sense of humor and comes holding an amusing felt sign.  The stitched on suction cups make it easy to put him on display by mounting him inside a car window or other surface.

  This unique design by Rockstar Plush is the perfect gift for zombie lovers and dog lovers of all ages!  Zombie dog is a hit at any occasion and is always the “life” of the party.  This affordably priced Zombie Dog Plush Animal is a limited edition, so grab one for yourself and one for a zombie loving friend before this deal is “dead”.

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