Czech-based studio BadFly Interactive is releasing their new PC game, Dead Effect 2, on Steam Early Access.
Dead Effect 2 is a gory sci-fi first-person shooter with RPG elements and cooperative multiplayer mode. Your hero is an elite soldier who is recovering after a nearly fatal fight aboard ESS Meridian, a colonizer spaceship. You will soon find out that the whole ship is in total chaos and new enemies are lurking behind the corners. Zombies, mutants, cyborgs, drones or biomechanical dogs creep up on you everywhere you go. Fortunately, you will also make some new friends, who will help you in your struggle to seize control of the ship. You’ll be able to buy, trade and upgrade all kinds of weapons (40+ different weapons, including shotguns, rifles, swords, bows, explosives, disc throwers…), get upgradable body implants to enhance your abilities and collect armor sets to boost your stamina. There are 20 story levels to explore, plus lots of special missions to help you get more experience and resources.
Dead Effect 2 offers great old-school shooter fun, while dazzling you with state-of-the-art graphics and allowing you to develop and modify your character to your liking. You can enjoy it as a solo fighter, or invite your friends over to have someone watch your back in the multiplayer mode.

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