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Bleed the Night

The new Zombie film from director Reza Ghassemi. After being kidnapped, Audrey awakens and discovers her terrifying post-apocalyptic reality.

100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture | Time Lapse Video

An intriguing time lapse video that shows the evolution of pop-culture zombies – from classic movies of 1930s to modern video games, such as 2015’s Dying Light. Amazing music, mesmerizing make-ups, and lots of laughs and scares to be had.

Zombie FX – Free Augmented Reality Movie Editor by Pocket Director

Put Zombies in your Movies with the World’s First Augmented Reality Mobile Movie Maker! Available on the App Store for free.

We Outspoken-”Crisis” Zombie Music Video

This is We Outspoken’s music video for their single, “Crisis”. We Outspoken got to be Zombies for a day! | www.weoutspoken.com