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Dead Effect 2

Czech-based studio BadFly Interactive is releasing their new PC game, Dead Effect 2, on Steam Early Access. Dead Effect 2 is a gory sci-fi first-person shooter with RPG elements and cooperative multiplayer mode. Your hero is an elite soldier who is recovering after a nearly fatal fight aboard ESS Meridian, a colonizer spaceship. You will [...]

Zombie Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

Zombie Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, by artist Amanda Dockery. See more at www.keepsake20.deviantart.com.

8-bit Zombie T-shirt

The 8-bit Zombtee is a uniquely designed front and back video game zombie t-shirt. Wearers of the 8-bit zombtee may exhibit signs of being infected by the 8-bit Z-virus. Symptoms may include biting and repeatedly calling for 8-bit braaaaains! In the event of an 8BZT outbreak you may want to contact the R.P.D., or just [...]