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Animazombs Series 2

Brought to life Kickstarter in late 2013, the Animazombs are a bunch of unique zombie animal plushies each with special features such as removable body parts, detachable key-ring charms, and much more. Series 2 has now been launched with six new characters across two brand new ranges, including a zombified Eagle, Bee, Owl, Polar Bear, [...]


Dolldrums Zombies dolls. Come to the soft side and own your very own zombie friend or have a zombie made in your likeness. Kylie Dexter is a Doll Maker and Zombie Slayer from Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been seen in galleries and published internationally.

Dolldrums Zombie Dolls

Dolldrums dolls makes zombie and caricature custom dolls. Turn you and your friends into adorable zombies. All one of a kind and unique to their owners. Come to the soft side.

Zombie Dog Stuffed Plush – The Barking Dead

Guess who is enjoying the zombie apocalypse most?…..    Zombie Dog of course!!     Who needs brains when there is a never ending buffet of bones walking by?   Our undead friend doesn’t know many tricks, he hasn’t learned to sit and won’t roll over on command, but one trick he does well is…….. [...]

Zombie Plush Slippers

These adorable zombie plush slippers make it look like you’re being devoured by zombies, starting with your toes!