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Bleeding Zombie Targets

These responsive, bleeding Zombie targets from Triumph Systems provide instant feedback, leaving no doubt as to where your rounds have impacted the vital organs.

Faux Real Zombie T-shirts for Him and Her

Blend in during the outbreak with these amazing zombie t-shirts, for him and her by Faux Real.

Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse

A creatively horrific clutch purse in the shape and style of a bloody meat cleaver.

Blood Drip Bracelet and Choker

These adjustable Red Blood Rubber Latex Bracelets and Chokers give the appearance that your wrist and neck are dripping with blood. Bracelets will fit: 6" inches (15cm) to 8 1/2" inches (22cm). The choker measures 12" – 16" inches around the neck (30cm-41cm).

Scary, Bloody Shower Curtains and Bath Mats

Turn your shower into a bloodbath with this selection of horror themed, bloody bathroom decor.