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Zombie Articles & Projects

Animazombs Series 2

Brought to life Kickstarter in late 2013, the Animazombs are a bunch of unique zombie animal plushies each with special features such as removable body parts, detachable key-ring charms, and much more. Series 2 has now been launched with six new characters across two brand new ranges, including a zombified Eagle, Bee, Owl, Polar Bear, [...]

Zombieverse – The Beginning

Zombieverse – The Beginning is a Collectible Card game using deck building mechanics. The initial release will offer 320 cards with 4 pre-built character decks, Zombie Tokens, custom Zombie dice and a Zombie mini health counter. There are currently 6 additional expansion sets planned after the main release.

Zombie-Apocalypse themed Punk Album

Punk / Post-Hardcore Band "Ryv Law" from Berlin, Germany is writing a concept album about the zombie apocalypse. The main character of their story is a young woman who finds herself in the apocalypse trying not only to survive but overcome her personal problems from the past. Their first single "Apocalypse" together with an awesome [...]

Zombified Mugs

Amazing ceramic zombie mugs by artist Kevin Turkey Merck. Each mug is made of stoneware, coated in a food-safe glaze and fired to 2200 (F) degrees to ensure it is completely functional, durable and safe to drink from. See more of his creations at TurkeyMerck.com.

100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture | Time Lapse Video

An intriguing time lapse video that shows the evolution of pop-culture zombies – from classic movies of 1930s to modern video games, such as 2015’s Dying Light. Amazing music, mesmerizing make-ups, and lots of laughs and scares to be had.