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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit in a Can

With Halloween fast approaching why not have a little fun with this Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit in a Can from TheGiftOasis. The fall is upon us and you never know when you may need to get out your survival kit to stop yourself from turning into a brain eater yourself.

Bleeding Zombie Targets

These responsive, bleeding Zombie targets from Triumph Systems provide instant feedback, leaving no doubt as to where your rounds have impacted the vital organs.

Atlas Survival Shelters

If you’re going to build a bunker to survive the zombie apocalypse, why not do it with some style? Atlas Survival Shelters are the only bunkers manufactured today that has actually been tested against the effects of a nuclear bomb. There is little difference between the bunkers made 50 years ago and the bunkers made [...]

Lil Trucker Hatchet and Multitool

The Lil Truckerâ„¢ is the ultimate hatchet and multi-tool that kicks ass and takes names, making it the ideal addition to any zombie survival kit.

Zombie-Proof Your Apartment

An in depth infographic outlining how to zombie-proof your apartment, by ForRent.com