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Zombie Plane Pitch Trailer with Vanilla Ice

On September 5th a plane with 500 passengers on board was quarantined for a mysterious illness at JFK airport in New York City. The news reported on this, and people speculated that this is how the zombie apocalypse starts… Incredibly, Rapper and Reality TV Star, Vanilla Ice, was on board and sending out reports.

Marvel Zombies Fan Film

Three glorious HD live-action minutes of Marvel super-hero mayhem and zombie madness artfully packaged with a cult classic musical favorite!

After Us Webseries

After Us is an anthological zombie webseries about how different people would interact with a dying world. When a cure is found, humanity must find a way to heal. They must come back from, and deal with the choices they made before they found a cure. The zombies themselves maintain shreds of humanity and must [...]

HZ Hollywood Zombies

HZ Hollywood Zombies! A meteor strikes Hollywood! All the actors and actresses are contaminated and become… Zombies!

Bleed the Night

The new Zombie film from director Reza Ghassemi. After being kidnapped, Audrey awakens and discovers her terrifying post-apocalyptic reality.