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The End Go

Forget chasing fuzzy monsters like in Pokemon Go; this free to play, location based, augmented reality game tests your survival against realistic, virtual zombies!

Last Man Standing

Director Dekker Dreyer puts you at ground zero of a 360 degree zombie apocalypse in the short film Last Man Standing starring Smallville’s Phil Morris with makeup FX by Todd Masters, John Wrightson, and Roland Blancaflor. Produced by Clever Fox. Watch it in your browser or mobile device on Littlstar.com

Dead Effect

Dead Effect is an indie sci-fi FPS, situated aboard the ESS Meridian spacecraft. You play as an elite soldier, a member of Unit 13. Something’s gone terribly wrong and the crew have turned into aggressive bloodthirsty zombies. It’s up to you to find out what happened! You won’t be alone though. The melodious voice of [...]

Zombies: Dead in 20

All is lost. You’re completely surrounded and it’s waaaaay too late to run. The only question now is, how long can you survive…? Simply tap the screen to shoot the zombie hordes. If you shoot like a maniac you might just live long enough to get the shotgun. But it won’t help much! That is [...]

Zombies In Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is under quarantine and being attacked by a relentless army of Zombies! You and your M4 automatic rifle must fight off Zombie Nazis, Terrorists and Clowns while they wage war and attack you from all angles! Your shooting skills are the last defense against the blood thirsty Zombies destroying Las Vegas.