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Marvel Zombies Fan Film

Three glorious HD live-action minutes of Marvel super-hero mayhem and zombie madness artfully packaged with a cult classic musical favorite!

Fun Zombie Dice Game

Do you want a little break from your average board game? Then check out this fun zombie dice game from Warehouse23. Play hours and hours of dice fun.

Where’s The Zombie? Book

Forget Waldo, how about you find the zombies. Check out this really cool and fun book from Amazon. This is a great way to recapture the fun you had with one of the most popular children’s books.

Epic Zombie Nerf Blaster

The zombies will never get to you with this epic zombie Nerf blaster from Amazon. This is a great idea for a Christmas present for any zombie freaks out there. The zombies don’t stand a chance.

HZ Hollywood Zombies

HZ Hollywood Zombies! A meteor strikes Hollywood! All the actors and actresses are contaminated and become… Zombies!