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Flesh & Bone Leggings

These flesh & bone leggings let your inside beauty shine on the outside in an unusual way.

Denture Bracelets by ConcaveOblivion

These denture bracelets by ConcaveOblivion are handmade using quality dental acrylic and polished to a high shine.

Full-Zip Zombie Hoodie

The hood can be zipped up entirely over your face for the full effect. And there’s mesh over the eye sockets and gaping maw so you can breathe and see where you’re going, which is important if you’re evading zombies. Torn away flesh is printed all over this mottled green, 100% polyester hoodie. When we [...]

Anatomically Correct Human Heart Earrings

A anatomically correct, human heart earrings. Available in antique silver or gold tone. 1-1/4" inches X 3/4" inches. Goes great with the matching pendant and necklace.

Tribute To A Genius, by Kim Eric Lilot

“Tribute To A Genius” – 18kt yellow gold with a carved Australian Fire Opal brain. “As an artist I have learned to live with the knowledge of the precious, ephemeral nature of beauty and life. It is the concurrent awareness of my own mortality that impels me to live in the immediate moment and which, [...]